You are lost in a forest without a map. You are meant to get to a certain place but you don't know where it is.

Somehow you need to find the information to complete your task. You have a compass and there is a help button that may tell you something useful.

The forest is vast but there are many places where you can find what you need. Good luck!

[For programmers: this is plain JS in the 2D canvas - nothing special.]

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Tags3D, Exploration, First-Person, Forest, lost, Open World


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Keys are kind of not responding. (Brave brower, Chromium based)

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That's bad news. I tested in Firefox and Edge (and Samsung for Android). Do you mean all keys or just the arrows? I offered alternatives to arrows, as you can see if you hover over the buttons.

Nothing at all. Furthermore, input buffer not being processed, when I click Back to get here, there comes the cursor keys and RMBs I did in the game. This on Win10, tho, I had other keyboard issues, probably hardware/driver related. So maybe I'm the only one.