Start by using arrow keys or touch buttons to move around. Switch between map and scene. You can enter buildings and go down mineshafts to another level. There are also helicopters for getting aerial views. Teleport machines get you around even quicker. Just remember you can Enter some things.

This version of my limitless terrain was developed for the Digital Environment Jam on itch, December 2021.

More information is available from a HELP button within the program.

22.5.4 Fixed bug in display of building interiors which prevented entry.

New version 21.12.26 draws scenes faster. BUT loading takes longer and on some devices this might make the browser complain that it is taking too long. Just give it more time.

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Tags3D, Exploration, Forest, Moddable, Open World, Perspective, Singleplayer, terrain
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


TerrainGeneration.pdf 3 MB


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very cool code experiment, performance was not so great until i turned render distance to minimum, but still impressive how it does not rely on anything but pure java scripto