Beat the robot to clean up fragments of exploding objects. It's very unfair: the robot gets 100 points per fragment to your 10. You can score in other ways but there are also many curiosities to distract you from your task. Move around easily and fast by using arrow keys.

This is an example of plain JavaScript using the 2D canvas. No other frameworks or libraries are used. It shows that JavaScript in this environment is not as slow as many people believe. It is also meant to encourage creative developers by showing that  they do not need to learn any other frameworks or libraries.

New version 21.9.1: Major refactoring of code to reduce interdependence of objects, particularly between Viewer and World.

New version 21.7.20: Weekly Jam 210 has the theme "Fragments" which is directly relevant to The Green. That has prompted me to add a whole new feature allowing players to see all the fragments they have collected and how they relate to the original unexploded objects. If they manage to collect all the fragments of an object before the robotic cleaner gets any, they score 1,000 points.

New version 21.6.26 adds 2 new kinds of object: a throwable die and a stretchable coiled spring. Getting the die to land flat on one surface and be unbiased was an interesting challenge. The spring is a step towards a launching device. It is still just plain JavaScript using the 2D canvas in HTML5.

New version 21.5.19 adds a domino with weird properties, in response to the current  Domino game jam.  Adding  Domino as a neat new subtype of my Cuboid type was a very interesting programming challenge (in plain old JS).


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